Monday, 12 February 2018

Thermal anomaly persists on Mount Michael

The thermal anomaly is still present inside the summit crater of Mount Michael on Saunders Island as seen in the recent satellite images from 10th February 2018. As the images were viewed on the EOSDA website, I was able to zoom in on to the summit area of Mount Michael Volcano where I had a more clearer view of the summit crater area.

A degassing plume was present but an infrared image revealed that a thermal anomaly was present in the northern part of the crater interior indicating volcanic activity. It could either be low level strombolian activity, or it could be lava flows covering a small part of the crater interior, or it could be a lava lake.

Shortwave Infrared image showing a hotspot inside the crater of Michael Volcano. SOURCE: Sentinel-2/EOS Data Analytics.

Natural colour image of the summit area of Michael Volcano. SOURCE: Sentinel-2/EOS Data Analytics.

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