Friday, 28 August 2015

Hot spot detected by satellite

A thermal anomaly has been detected on Mount Michael on Saunders Island as seen in today's data from the MODVOLC website. This 9 times out of 10 proves that volcanic activity of some kind is going on. As the South Sandwich Islands are uninhabited and very rarely visited, it is very unlikely that this thermal anomaly which was detected in satellite data could be connected to human activity.

Thermal anomaly on Mount Michael as seen in satellite data. SOURCE: MODVOLC.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Clear indicator that an eruption occurred

In a satellite image from 26th August 2015 obtained from the Earth Explorer website, I noticed that the east flank of Mount Michael volcano was stained grey which strongly indicates that an eruption took place. I am under the opinion that this was ashfall from an eruption which may have took place maybe a few days to a week ago.

Ash stained east slope of the volcano on Saunders Island. SOURCE: Landsat 8/USGS/NASA.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Dark area on Saunders Island

In the satellite image from 24th August 2015 a dark patch appears around the summit area of Mount Michael along with a dark strip which appears to originate from the dark patch and ending at the eastern side of the island. Although most of the dark patch could be the shadow from the peak, it looks as though something was happening and I wouldn't rule out an eruption.

Ash emission on 24th August 2015: SOURCE: NASA.