Thursday, 28 February 2019

Activity persists on Michael Volcano into 2019

Two false colour Sentinel-2 images of Mount Michael on Saunders Island from the 15th February 2019 and 27th February 2019 shows that volcanic activity continues. In the image from 15th February, a thermal anomaly is present inside the summit crater suggesting a probable lava lake and a steam-and-gas plume is also present originating from the crater and drifting in a southeasterly direction. In the image from the 27th February, a steam-and-gas plume is present above the summit area suggesting that it was rising vertically. However, the view of the summit crater is obscured by the plume.

False colour image shows a thermal anomaly inside the summit crater of Mount Michael and a plume drifting southeast as of 15th February. SOURCE: Sentinel-2/Sentinel Hub.

Another false colour image but from the 27th February showing what appears to be a vertically rising plume. SOURCE: Sentinel-2/Sentinel Hub.