Thursday, 30 April 2015

Possible plume and ash

Satellite image from 19th April 2015 on the EOSDIS website showed a clear view of Saunders Island and what appeared to be a plume rising from Mount Michael Volcano. As in most cases, the satellite image wasn't clear enough to determine whether or not it was an eruption plume.

On the Earth Explorer website, a satellite image of Saunders Island from the 20th April 2015 showed what was mostly a cloudy day but the southwest portion of the island was visible. It showed what appeared to be a cloud with some possible ash content immediately to the west-southwest of the summit area of Mount Michael drifting southwest bound.

Darkened strip to the northeast of the summit area of Mount Michael, was it an ash plume? 19th April 2015. IMAGE: NASA.
Possible ash drifting WSW-SW? 20th April 2015. IMAGE: Landsat 8/USGS/NASA.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Darkened area on Mount Michael

A darkened area was visible on the summit area of Mount Michael in an image from 3rd April 2015. In images from 22nd March and 2nd April the darkened area was also visible.

I am under the opinion at this point that this could be no more than increased surface temperatures at the crater area. The coastal areas around Saunders Island is also free of snow and ice.

Darkened area at the summit of Mount Michael is visible in this image from 3rd April 2015. SOURCE: NASA.

While I was away

Just a quick post and then I can be up to date. But as I was on holiday during late February to early March I was unable to check the EOSDIS website plus I was busy during most of March so sorry for the delay in this.

While I didn't see anything out of the ordinary in the image archives, I did see a suspected plume from Zavodovski in an image from 20th February 2015 although it could've been just a wind current given that it was mostly cloudy in that image.