Thursday, 29 December 2016

New images from Landsat 8 from 11th December

Landsat 8 image of Saunders Island from the 11th December shows a gas plume originating from Mount Michael Volcano.

Gas emission originating from Mount Michael Volcano. SOURCE: Landsat 8/USGS/NASA.

In the Landsat 8 image of Bristol Island, the summit area of Mount Sourabaya is exposed in a largely cloudy image showing what appears to be a minor steam emission. In the thermal image a thermal anomaly is visible from the same area. This suggests some possible fumarolic activity.

Minor steam emission on Mount Sourabaya Volcano. SOURCE: Landsat 8/USGS/NASA.

Thermal anomaly on the summit area of Mount Sourabaya. SOURCE: Landsat 8/USGS/NASA.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Zavodovski Island catch ups December 2016

I have another catch up post, this time about Zavodovski Island. While on various days a white plume originating from Mount Curry was visible in satellite imagery, the images from 19th and 20th November and the 6th December stood out for me. Especially as it looks like there was some possible ash content in the November plumes.

Emission on 19th November 2016. SOURCE: Aqua/MODIS/NASA.

Possible emission on 20th November 2016. SOURCE: Aqua/MODIS/NASA.

Emission on 6th December 2016. SOURCE: Aqua/MODIS/NASA.

Saunders Island catch ups December 2016

As I was busy at the time I wasn't able to get round to this post sooner, but a thermal anomaly was detected on Saunders Island at times indicating that some sort of activity on Mount Michael Volcano went on since November. According to data on the MODVOLC website, a thermal anomaly was detected on Mount Michael during the days 3rd, 20th, 21st, and 24th November and most recently, on the 17th December.

Most recent hotspot detection on Saunders Island as of 17th December. SOURCE: MODVOLC.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Two emissions: Saunders Island and Zavodovski Island 17/12/16

On 17th December 2016, two plumes appear in satellite images. One originating from Zavodovski Island, and the other from Saunders Island.

In the image of Zavodovski Island, a white plume originating from the summit crater of Mount Curry is seen drifting in a south-southwesterly direction before dispersing. It's more likely to be a gas plume although I wouldn't rule out the possibility of some slight ash content.

A plume originating from Mount Curry on Zavodovski Island is drifting then dispersing to the south-southwest. SOURCE: Terra/MODIS/NASA.

In the image of Saunders Island, a greyish plume originating from the summit crater of Mount Michael is seen drifting towards the northeast. A thermal anomaly was also detected on the summit area of Mount Michael. This indicates that it's likely to be an eruption occurring on Mount Michael Volcano.

What is likely to be an ash plume from Mount Michael on Saunders Island. SOURCE: Aqua/MODIS/NASA.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Ash emission on Zavodovski Island

An ash plume originating from Zavodovski Island is visible in a satellite image from 9th December. The ash plume is seen drifting south-southwest but judging from the image it doesn't look like that it's originating from the summit crater of Mount Curry, but from the Asphyxia Plain area of the island. So we could be looking at a possible flank eruption. As the plume is greyish in colour, in my opinion that's what gives it away.

Possible flank eruption on Zavodovski Island on the 9th December 2016. SOURCE: Aqua/MODIS/NASA.