Sunday, 14 May 2017

Zavodovski Island catch ups May 2017

As I've been working on another project since the beginning of the year, I was too focused to be able to write articles on emissions from Mount Curry Volcano on Zavodovski island. Now that I'm finished, I thought I'd make a catch up post. While I won't go into any detail, instead I will post a series of satellite images below.

1st January 2017. SOURCE: Aqua/MODIS/NASA.
3rd January 2017. SOURCE: Aqua/MODIS/NASA.
6th January 2017. SOURCE: Suomi NPP/VIIRS/NASA.
7th January 2017. SOURCE: Terra/MODIS/NASA.
14th January 2017. SOURCE: Terra/MODIS/NASA.
16th January 2017. SOURCE: Aqua/MODIS/NASA.
21st January 2017. SOURCE: Suomi NPP/VIIRS/NASA.
25th January 2017. SOURCE: Aqua/MODIS/NASA.
27th January 2017. SOURCE: Terra/MODIS/NASA.
8th February 2017. SOURCE: Terra/MODIS/NASA.
16th February 2017. SOURCE: Aqua/MODIS/NASA.
13th March 2017. SOURCE: Aqua/MODIS/NASA.
23rd March 2017. SOURCE: Aqua/MODIS/NASA.
3rd April 2017. SOURCE: Aqua/MODIS/NASA.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

6.5 Magnitude earthquake in South Sandwich Islands

A strong magnitude 6.5 earthquake has hit the South Sandwich Islands on the 10th May 2017 at 23:23 UTC. The epicenter of the quake was reported to be about 94km east-northeast of Visokoi Island with a depth of 10km.

6.5 magnitude earthquake on 10th May 2017. SOURCE: USGS.