Monday, 30 May 2016

Bristol Island update 30/5/16

Satellite image from the 26th May 2016 shows some faintly dark lines on Bristol Island suggesting the presence of lava flows and also a dark patch just west-northwest of the Mount Sourabaya area. The dark patch suggests the possibility that a new cinder cone vent may have formed or it could simply be an accumulation of lava.

Image from the 28th May 2016 shows an ash plume drifting northeast and again on the 29th May 2016 only this time it's drifting north-northeast. This could suggest that the activity may have intensified.

On the MODVOLC website a hotspot was detected during most days in May on Bristol island.

Bristol Island on 26th May 2016. SOURCE: Aqua/MODIS/NASA.

Ash plume drifts northeast from Bristol Island on 28th May 2016. SOURCE: Terra/MODIS/NASA.

Ash plume from Bristol Island (bottom centre-left) drifting NNE on 29th May 2016. SOURCE: Suomi NPP/VIIRS/NASA.

Most recent hotspot detection on Bristol Island. SOURCE: MODVOLC.

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