Friday, 12 December 2014

Likely activity on Mount Michael

In the satellite images from the 11th and the 12th December 2014 on the EOSDIS website, I noticed what looked like a possible eruption which took place. In the image from 11th December, it looks what appears to be a dubious looking plume originating from the summit area of Mount Michael on Saunders Island drifting in a southwesterly direction. In that image it wasn't easy to confirm whether that was an eruption plume or not. In the image from 12th December, a dark strip appears on the southwest flank of Mount Michael giving a strong indication that an eruption had took place. In my personal opinion, it looks volcanic so it could either be ash deposits, or a lava flow, or both.

What appears to be most likely a plume originating from Mount Michael and drifting southwest in this image from 11th December 2014. SOURCE: NASA.

A dark strip on the southwest flank of Mount Michael is a strong indication that a recent eruption took place in this image from 12th December 2014. SOURCE: NASA.

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