Thursday, 24 July 2014

Possible dark patch

Since 16th July 2014, I noticed a dark patch on the northeast side of Saunders Island on the EOSDIS Worldview website but because it wasn't of clear resolution, all I could do was just take it like a pinch of salt. However, an image from 22nd July has emerged on the Earthexplorer website enabling me to take a closer look. Through the slightly misty cloud cover and in low light I was able to see on the northeast side of Saunders Island what appeared to be a slightly darkened patch. Was this ash deposits from a possible eruption of Mount Michael? or was it simply a patch of snow melt?

In the thermal image (also from the 22nd July), thermal anomalies were also present inside the summit and secondary craters.

I would personally call this case inconclusive.

Image from the 21st July 2014 showed a possible dark patch on the northeast side of Saunders Island. SOURCE: NASA.

In a better resolution image a slightly darkened patch shows up on the northeast side of the island. SOURCE: Landsat 8/USGS/NASA.

Thermal anomalies show up in the two craters of Mount Michael in this thermal image. SOURCE: Landsat 8/USGS/NASA.

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