Tuesday, 13 May 2014


As the South Sandwich Islands are very rarely covered, I thought I'd create a blog covering the volcanic activity of these South Atlantic islands. Due to the remote location of the South Sandwich Islands and the fact that they're uninhabited, it is often hard to get observations of them so one has to rely on satellite images to determine what events are occurring. But I do not expect to be posting a lot on here.

I will be posting mainly about any satellite observations I may find no matter how small the volcanic activity is, and also about any earthquakes above the magnitude of 6 which may occur. Also will post other material about the South Sandwich Islands and even South Georgia Island if I feel it's worth posting.

As for the earthquakes, I won't bother writing about them should the magnitude be below 6. The reason for this is because the South Sandwich Islands are uninhabited islands so it wouldn't be worth writing about weaker earthquakes. The source of the earthquake data will come from USGS.

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